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Diving Skills Upgrade: 7 Specialty Courses You Should Take

KL divers would like to thank all of you for your overwhelming response to SSI Perfect Buoyancy Course!

For those who missed it, fret not! Click here: <<Watch Video here! >>

This video has demonstrated 2 of the most fundamental and important part of diving
1) Buoyancy Control – the key to staying in control and enjoying your dives.
2) Breathing & finning – ties hand in hand with buoyancy control, allowing you to move with effectively and efficiently like a fish so they will make friends with you..

Why we need good buoyancy control?

So that the photos we take will not be shaky;

So that we want don’t want to end our dives prematurely because of bad air consumption;

So that we are have better confident level for our dives;

So that we can get closer to marine life without scaring them away;

So that we can maximise every dive trip and dive course – because buoyancy is everything;

So that we can pose for a photo like this > 


Despite being the most fundamental and crucial skill, it has very often been paid insufficient attention to. Especially after the Open Water Course where divers pay a lot of attention to basic skills, many divers felt the lacking in proficiency for buoyancy control.

KL Divers would like to deliver SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course with convenience for busy people like you!

Why the pool?

Training in pool is not easier as many would thought. But it allows better focus on getting the right technique while building awareness of your kicks, breathe and posture.
1- Its a time saver, since it can be learnt in a swimming pool

2- KL Divers is committed to the safety of all our divers. The pool will allow you to focus on getting it right in a controlled environment

3- Shallow water training is more challenging. Indeed, many experience involuntary floating to surface during safety stop, which is dangerous with speedboat roaming. In the pool, skills are sharpened with controlled depth without compromising on safety.

With the above being said, the course is being designed with proper framework and the certification is being internationally recognised.

What do we cover during the course:

1 – Breathing Techniques. Breathe…… properly… So you can maximise your dive time. Suck, Blow, Suck, Blow needs lots of practicing.

2 – Finning Techniques & Movements. Like to make friends with the fishes for a photo? First behave like a fish…

3 – Weights & Trim adjustments. “I cannot descend!! I need more weights” – This sentence is not true! Let’s learn how to descend with minimum weights or, no weights!

4 – Equipment Familiarisation. Ever wonder how many senses are involved whenever you like to reach for your equipment? You can find out here. =)

Why choose KL Divers?

1- We are good problem solvers. We recognise that humans are individuals made differently, hence we provide suggestions to solve your individual problem; be it mask clearing, floating to surface etc…

2- We are good observers. While its not rocket science on how to dive properly, it is our job to share with you on how to sharpen your skills in diving.

3- We are good supervisors. Practice makes perfect, this is only true if you are practising the right thing and building into your muscle memories. Otherwise, old habits will be hard to eliminate.

4- We are good tutors. Heard of Scuba Diving homework? Yes we have some secret recipe for our divers. These secrets can be done anytime, anywhere and it act as reminders even after the course.

Finally – We are Safe & Fun!! That’s why we dive and that’s why we are here to share this passion with you!

Hope the above have explained why it is recommended to do the Perfect Buoyancy Course with KL Divers.
If you like to Dive with KL Divers, contact +60 18 768 6543 or email your enquiry to [email protected]

Getting close for a photo at Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia



KL Divers 也在今天推出2018潛水季的促銷。


SSI潜水课程 –

SSI开放水域(OWD)课程 – rm1888

SSI压力与救援(S&R) (不包括急救专长)rm1888

SSI压力与救援(S&R) (带有急救专长)rm2168

SSI进阶探险潜水员(AA) – rm1888


休闲潜水@Gem Island Boutique Resort:

2D1N – rm988

3D2N – rm1188




Nitrox – rm388

完美浮力 – rm388

正确反应员 – rm388(压力和救援训练需要)



(凡是考获两个SSI专长以及12潜记录将可以免费获得SSI Specialty Diver 认证)






  • 游泳200米/浮潜300米 – 用于OWD
  • 踩水/漂浮10分钟 – 用于OWD
  • 身体健康状况良好,或经医生证明可以潜水。
  • 年龄10岁或以上
    • 年龄需要12岁以上才可以做做AA课的深潜)
  • 正确反应员(急救,CPR和AED培训) – 压力与救援需.
    • 如有其他认可机构颁发的有效证明可提交作为先决条件。


  • 理论(在线自学和教师课堂复习,考试),
  • 1次泳池训练
  • 3D2N之旅,宝石岛,三人房
  • 岛上船只接送
  • 4-5潜(船/岸潜,以天气,时间安排)
  • 全套水肺装备(BCD,调节器,潜水衣,重量,皮带,水箱)
  • 专业教学费用
  • 数码潜水证


  • 陆地交通
  • 潜水与旅游保险
  • 潜水和船员的小费
  • 塑料潜水认证卡


  • 浮潜设备租赁 – 每天30.(为了提高个人卫生于舒适度,我们鼓励所有学员购买自己的浮潜装备)
  • 往返登嘉楼接送服务(以求而定)
  • 潜水和旅游保险 我们推荐Dive Assure潜水旅游保险
  • 塑料潜水认证卡 – rm120
    • 支持绿化!经验告诉我们许多潜水卡会遗失,或在潜水之旅中留在家中。
    • SSI App 提供了一站式潜水证存库,可以让你下载所有潜水证,让你能轻易的携带在身。
    • 你也可以很容易的从SSI网站数据库中检索到,所以不必再担心潜水证的遗失
  • 双人房升级 – 500 /房/晚
  • 单人房升级 – 900 /房/晚


所有开放水域潜水课程和休闲旅行都在Gem Island度假村进行。



SSI React Right课程是急救,CPR和AED培训,在课堂完成。





任何满足的特殊要求均由KL Diver管理团队以商誉为基础授予,不反映为公司的标准操作程序。



請联系KL Divers预订并获取更多信息!
致电:+60 18 768 6543
电子邮件:[email protected]

2018 Lunar New Year Offers

4th day of Lunar New Year. It symbolises the day of “Spring Opening”, which many business begins operating for the new year.

On this Auspicious Day, KL Divers presents to you  this limited time offer.


Details of promotion as follows:

SSI Scuba Courses –

SSI Open Water Diver (OWD) Course – rm1888

SSI Stress & Rescue (S&R) (w/o React Right Spec) rm1888

SSI Stress & Rescue (S&R) (w/React Right Spec) rm2168

SSI Advanced Adventurer (AA) – rm1888


Leisure Dive @Gem Island Boutique Resort:

2D1N – rm988

3D2N – rm1188

  • Refresher course needed? Do a Perfect Buoyancy Specialty before your trip at rm388 only. Get your refresher and proper buoyancy training done.


SSI Specialty Course (min 2 to form class)

Nitrox – rm388

Perfect Buoyancy – rm388

React Right – rm388 (Required for S&R)


Sign up for any 2 specialty course above for only rm688!

Sign up for all 3 specialty courses above for only rm988!

(Free SSI Specialty Diver Recognition with 2  SSI Specialty Course completion & proof of 12 logged dives)


Notes for Promotion:

Promotion Valid: Before 2nd March 2018 (15th day of Lunar New Year)

Course datelines: All trips & courses to be completed by 31st May 2018


Prerequisite for all Courses/Trips:

  • Able to swim 200m/Snorkel for 300m – for OWD
  • Able to float or tread for 10 mins without any swimming aids – for OWD
  • Be in good physical health, or certified by doctor to dive
  • Be at least 10 years of age or older
    • (12 years or older for deep dive for Advanced Adventurer)
  • React Right (1st Aid, CPR and AED training) for S&R
    • Valid proof of certification issued by other recognised agencies can be submitted as a prerequisite

Offers Includes:

  • Theory (online self learning and classroom review with instructor),
  • 1 session of pool training
  • 3D2N trip to Gem Island, triple room
  • Boat transfers
  • 4-5 boat/shore dives (Dives be plan based on weather, boat availability and other factors)
  • Full Scuba gears (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, weights, belt, tank, mask, fins, snorkel)
  • Professional Instructing Fees
  • Digital Certifications


Offers Excludes:

  • Land transfers to Island
  • Dive & Travel Insurance – We recommend dive and travel Insurance by Dive Assure.
  • Gratuity for dive and boat crew
  • Physical certification card


Extras Top Ups (if required):

  • Land Transfer to Terengganu
    • Can be arranged if necessary
  • Dive & Travel Insurance by Dive Assure
  • Physical Certification Card – rm120
    • Go Green! Experiences tells us many dive cards are lost, or left at home during a dive trip.
    • SSI’s digital certification provides the convenient to keep all your dive certification records onto the SSI App. It is also easily retrievable from the SSI Web Database, which is a common practice by dive centres around the world.
  • Twin Room Upgrade – 500/room/night
  • Single room upgrade – 900/room/night

All courses: Minimum 2 to go. Good chance to get your friends to join you and know more people!

All open water dives for courses & leisure trips is conducted at Gem Island Boutique Resort.

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Course is being held at the swimming pool.

SSI Nitrox Course is classroom based theory lesson.

SSI React Right Course is 1st Aid, CPR & AED training, also completed the Classroom.

All Trip/Course bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance. Vacancies is on a first come first served basis.

50% deposit required upon signing up. Balance to be paid during booking (i.e. 2 weeks before travelling)

All deposits paid are not refundable.

Failure to complete your Course/Trip before 31st May 2018 will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Any special request granted by KL Diver’s Management Team during the promotional period is on a goodwill basis and should not reflected as The Company’s standard operating procedure.

All prices stated are denoted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) unless specified.


Contact KL Divers for booking and more information!

Call: +60 18 768 6543

email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/kldivers


3 Signs to Tell If You Have Perfected Your Buoyancy Control

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Mastering the art of buoyancy control is the most important skill of a diver. It improves your diving experience and maximises your time throughout your trip. Here are 3 signs to tell if you have perfected your buoyancy control already:

Freedom of movement during the dive

Navigating underwater effortlessly is one of the benefits of divers who mastered the buoyancy control. With buoyancy control specialty course, you will achieve the feeling of flying underwater and gliding smoothly through the water. Divers who master this skill will be able to move freely through the waters and control their body position as they swim underwater. This may seem difficult at first but gaining this expertise will help you strategise underwater and be natural as you go deeper.

Additionally, learning the buoyancy by heart can also be a benefit to recreational divers. Underwater photography acquires practice on buoyancy to be able to get the perfect shot because it gets tricky as you swim through the waters.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Sustained breathing consumption

As you control your buoyancy, you will also learn to control your breathing which is also vital for every diver. Perfect buoyancy teaches you the proper breathing consumption that will allow you for longer dives. If you plan on deeper dive adventure or wreck diving, mastering the buoyancy control will help you regulate your breathing.

Perfecting your buoyancy can lessen your time fiddling with your inflator. With the mastery of this skill, you were able to minimize the use of your buoyancy compensator device that could extend your diving experience. Great buoyancy relaxes you underwater and will slow and steady your respiration rate.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Safe and cautious dive

Learning the perfect buoyancy is the most significant reason. Diving has risks but we can minimise these through learning the safe diving practices. Benefits of perfect buoyancy are not just for divers but also for the underwater environment and living sea creatures. The Marine Ecology Course will provide you an understanding of the complex and exciting study of the marine ecosystems.

Having a full grasp of the buoyancy control will keep you safe into the depths of underwater and you will be able to enjoy your diving trip. Learning the right techniques and skills will lessen the dangers and complications that may arise during your dive. With proper buoyancy, you will be able to avoid the destruction you may cause to corals and prevents you from any physical harm.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Taking this diving course is highly recommended as it will give you the benefits as a diver. It promotes safe diving which is the main reason of this course. This will also steady your pace underwater and you will be able to enjoy more your diving trip. Widen your knowledge about diving and be ready for your next dive!


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