Our First Breathe – Scuba Equipment – The First Gear

Our first breath underwater is like being reborn into a new life.
Like how a baby open their eyes and got welcomed by their anxious parents, our first sighting in a new world is always memerizing.

My first breath underwater is at the training pool. It was 7 years ago. At that time, I was using a rented scuba mask that was a little too narrow for my face. It was a dual lens mask, at the point where the split lens in the middle, i felt that my nose extended to block my view a little. As my eyes was also sensitive to light, the transparent skirting of the mask have proofed to be really irritating to my eyes especially during sunny days.

Right after pool, I decided to purchase my own mask. Than I realised there are mask made to fit onto different faces.

Immediately, the GULL Vader mask caught my attention.

Gull Vader Mask

The reason is clear – black skirting, single lens, total cool look.
After trying on I found that the skirt was soft and comfortable, the fit was distinctively better than the pool mask.

However, after checking out the price – which should be about rm520 base on my memory. I decided I should look for an alternative.

Next, I saw the Aropec Frameless mask. Simple and neat looking, having all the requirements I need, price was a good rm150.

Aropec Frameless Mask

The other type of masks available were.
Dual Lens Mask

V.Dive Xtreme Mask

This is necessary for those who needed prescription lenses to be fitted on on them. For example, the V.Dive Xtreme mask is prescription capable. Suitable for those who need the additional visual correction. Besides that, the mask is design to be lower volume than usual, therefore providing a wider viewing angle, overcoming the issue with the usual dual lens mask.

Low Volume Mask

V.Dive F01 Low Volume Mask

Low volume mask, one of the demand by Free Divers so it takes lesser effort to clear the mask. The V.Dive F01 is a low volume mask designed for Free Divers.

Transparent & Opaque Skirting Masks

V-Dive F-1 Low Volume, Clear Skirting Mask

There is a difference between transparent or opaque skirting masks. The viewing angles.
While clear skirtings are good for people looking for a broader view. My personal choice will always be the opaque skirting ones because it protects my eyes from exposure from excessive light.

So after looking at all the different types, the best way to buy a mask is to go and try it personally. As different shape, different faces, different made will affect comfort levels.
Another important thing to take note, it don’t mean an expensive mask means a good mask. A Fitting Mask Is A Good Mask!
The mask is definitely the first gear to consider. Besides having a comfortable fit, having your own mask also ensures improved hygiene on every use.
Because, not known to the non-divers, many divers spit in their masks to defog. Just imagine how much spits went through the rented mask!

My scuba mask, which was my first scuba gear, lasted longer than 3 year when the skirting started cracking. 3 years of comfort, hygienic wear – Definitely a worthy buy.

Now my next mask will definitely be a V.Dive Vitro Mask!

V.DIve Vitro Mask

Black skirting, single len, wide viewing angle, comfortable material, stylish looking. Not hard to understand why that decision.

This MIDE, KL Divers is bringing in stylish and quality products from V.Dive. We have a little showcase of their fins here: Our First Breathe Scuba Equipment – Putting on Wings

So mark your calendars, come by MIDE Booth 303/306 and check out V.Dive products at KL Divers!
See you there!

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