Our First Breathe – Scuba Equipment – On Our Skin

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life. During this reborn, one of the most “common injury” we get – Sun Burnt.

To prevent that, a tube of sun screen is a common gear everyone put in their dive bag now.
Unknown to many, the tube of sun screen can became a killer of reefs and marine life.

It has been proven that one of the most common ingredient in Sun Screens – Oxybenzone, is capable of killing corals. While Oxybenzone is an active ingredient that helps in blocking off UV Ray, it is proven that sun screen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will work effectively as well.

Therefore, consumers have been more conscious about choosing their sun screen, ensuring that the environmentally harmful ingredients are not used in the product.

This change in consumer demand have pushed manufacturers into making eco-friendly sun screens. Safe Sea is one of them.
With biodegradable ingredients and uniquely, jellyfish protection, Safe Sea has become a popular option among scuba divers as a sun block.

What is Jellyfish Protection? So how does safe sea works?  Here is how it works:

In short, while having biodegradable sun protection, Safe Sea can also reduce the impact of meeting the jellyfish underwater.

With this information, KL Divers hope it can help you with choosing environmentally sun screens.

Of course, if you like to purchase Safe Sea, Safe Sea products are in stores now!

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