Our First Breathe – Scuba Equipment – Putting on Wings

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life.

Having good buoyancy control is critical for diving. Owning the right equipment will allow you to glide swiftly and effortlessly in the sea, while looking good!

This year, KL Divers is proud to introduce V.Dive into our extensive collection of scuba fins!

V.Dive has committed to provide internationally competent and ergonomic diving equipment since 2000. Since then, this Taiwan-conceived brand has manufacture masks and fins for popular diving brands like Mares, Poseidon etc, which further ascertain V.Dive’s commitment to always focus on design, quality and functionality.


Here are KL Divers top picks for you =)

1. V-Dive V.fin PRO

V.Dive V-Fin PRO

Material: Japanese TPR/PP material


– Great propulsion; 21-degree-angle fluid mechanics design

– Quality material ensuring your comfort and fit

– Great for snorkelling or scuba diving

– Comes with a variety of colors to choose from

V-Dive V-Fin PRO Colors


2.V.Dive Fin [F776]

V.Dive F776 Rubber Fins

Material: Full Rubber


– Boasts an ergonomic bending angle; which means power with each effortless kick

– Lightweight

– Attractive colors to suits each personality

V-Dive F776 Fin Colors


3. V.Dive F998 Long Fin

V.Dive F998 Free Diving Fins

Material: Japanese TPR/PP material


– Long, comfortable and sturdy

– Boasts an ergonomic bending angle; which means power with each effortless kick

– Striking colors to attract all the attention you need

V-Dive F998 Fin Colors

To check out the fins— Simply hit us a message, or check them out at KL Divers’ Booth at Malaysian International Diving Exhibition (MIDE) 2018 —the largest gathering for diving connoisseurs, and marine conservationists.

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