Our First Breathe – Scuba Course – Reacting Right

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life.

The thrill of excitement, the adrenaline rush and the memories captured belongs to you and your dive mates alone.

We at KL Divers can’t empharsize enough–> Buoyancy buoyancy buoyancy! The most important skill for divers across all levels. We shared on SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty previously and it received an overwhelming response to join us in this course

At KL Divers, we believed that we should train people around us with skills that are, practical, useful and fun!

Unconscious Person   

Unconscious Person Spotted!


Pulse available? (Yes) Any breathing? (Snoreeeeeee)
Phew that’s really lucky..

Imagine how much panic seeing an unconscious person will result, lest in an environment where you can’t shout for help or dial the emergency numbers from the mobile.

This situation will be handled differently for someone who is trained to do so. As such, KL divers would like to brought forth SSI React Right Specialty Course.

So what exactly is SSI React Right Specialty Course??

It is a medical emergency handling program consisting of Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques and Automated External Defibrilation (AED) Basics.


There are similarities to the First Aid courses offered by St John Ambulance or Red Crescent here in Malaysia. Although not the main certifying body here in Malaysia, The SSI React Right certification is being recognised worldwide.

What’s most important are skills and knowledge being taught during the course! Being a program cater for scuba diving, Emergency Oxygen techniques and knowledge are also taught during the course. This is what makes the difference from the usual commercial courses – since emergency oxygen is usually not available publicly.


Most importantly, having the individual participant equipped with the right skillset and knowledge will come in handy at critical moments.

Fortunately, Nicholas, who is our Instructor at KL Divers, comes with real working experiences in the Medical Centre. From assisting doctors in emergency surgeries, to patching up blood and bones, he sure have the knowledge, skill and stories from real action.

Being equipped with the right skills and knowledge to take action is important during times in need. As a React Right Instructor, the fulfilment of having your victims coming back to take up the React Right course because they had been in the receiving situation before, they know is important, they know they can make a difference to someone else when time comes.

So get yourself started now! Contact KL Divers to sign up for your React Right Speciality Courses today!
Course fees from rm399 onwards.
tel: +60 18 768 6543 email: [email protected]



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