Our First Breathe – Scuba Course – Open Water Diver Course – The Mega Step…

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life – this “reborn” we mentioned here definitely seems strange to you now if you have not tried Scuba Diving. It brings the sudden impulse to put out this article as I chance upon my first dive logbook while tidying my cupboard.

A good old diary that kept secrets to all my events during my school days… Back then, scuba diving is pretty uncommon. I was lured by the wonders of the seas.

Indeed, it ended to be a journey of no return – The Mega Step I took to become an Open Water Diver.

The Theory (o_O)

SSI Dive Table

I was a nerd & hermit, unaware of the world besides my textbook. After signing the course, I was suddenly unsure whether I am in my right frame of mind!

The theory session consist of a video and an instructor elaborating on the video. The 3 hours session teaches us the names for our gear, what’s on the left or the right, reading of dive table, correct posture during dive and unwanted behavior during diving. I was awed, totally – by the new lingo and what goes where, the do’s, the don’ts etc. I must be crazy to sign up!

The Pool Session

3 Easy Steps If You Want To Start Scuba Diving

Following course requirements, I presented myself at the pool session. First up, is the swimming test. I have not been in any swimming pool for more than 10 years after a close drowning incident! So OMG…. but my ego tells me that’s not so cool to back up now. I took a huge breath and slowly but gradually, I manage to complete the swimming test which followed by a 10 minutes float. Trying my best to keep my head above water, I was panting breathlessly but amused that I had done it! Hooorray!!!

For the rest of the pool session, we practice the skills shown during theory class. Clearing our regulator & mask, one at a time and place it back, removing of water that have got into the mask, buoyancy in water as well as ESA and EBA (Emergency Swimming Ascent & Emergency Buoyant Ascen). All ends pretty well and skills are amazingly easier in practical than in theory for me. However, there are some who are not able to complete the pool session within the day and for their safety, the instructor arranged an additional practice session before they could move on to the Open Water Dives.

The dive trip (>_0)

3 Easy Steps If You Want To Start Scuba Diving

My Open Water course was done in Pulau Aur, Johor. We boarded the boat from Mersing and began the 4 hour journey to the island. The excitement got us talking non-stop. When we finally quiet down, and sitting alone at the bow of the boat, I felt a kind of tranquility that I never had by just staring at the endless sea under a starlight sky.

We woke up early for our first dive, feeling like a school excursion trip with all your school mates around. We are divided into 2 groups and in the sea, we are to do the skills what was done in the pool….. now with the salty seawater!

As there are 10 of us in each group, while the instructor was looking at others doing drills, we self entertain ourselves with the fishes passing by and attempts to touch it. Its absolutely cool to watch nemo sway left and right, while a moving sea cucumber seems different from those in the claypot =P.

Nemo swaying

Lucky for my group, our last dive is a leisure dive! We were all wildly amused by the most common fish like the colourful parrotfish, the powderblue surgeonfish pouting and the daring batfish. However, it soon become obvious that buoyancy is the most crucial; whether to prevent kicking up fine sands and obstructing view, to killing of vulnerable and fragile corals, to the safety of the diver unwillingly floating to the sea surface (read more https://kldivers.com/our-first-breathe-scuba-courses/).

Before we ascend, I was trying to capture the whole scene into my memory when I saw a group of staghorn glowing in blue color…. Its the most beautiful thing I saw! Till now, after numerous dives, I still remember how I felt when I first saw it…. a group of staghorn glowing with a beautiful blue aura. Beautiful!

All in all, we had 5 dives before we board our boat back the next day and talk about what we have seen for the past 2 days and eagerly getting tips from the instructor on how to get our buoyancy right. Indeed, buoyancy is a common issue among most divers and the main reason why at KL divers, SSI perfect buoyancy is strongly recommended for all divers and it can be practice right at the pool! (https://facebook.com/kldivers/videos/286200715248322/).

Being a diver

3 Easy Steps If You Want To Start Scuba Diving


Ever since my Open Water Course, I have since embark into making several dive trips each year and making friends all over the world. Gradually, my interest metamorphosis to observing the marine life and how each of us can do to conserve our sea.

You can do your part too! It is as easy as bringing your own bags for grocery, say “no” to straws (https://kldivers.com/our-first-breathe-helping-mother-earth/), whenever possible, bring your own mug/bottle to “tabao” your drinks. A little step each time goes a long way!

Dive Course

We are divers too! Here in KL Divers, the instructors are experienced to handle different situations. We understand that being homosapiens, we are used to land than water; hence we do pool sessions at your comfort level and at your pace. Safety is the utmost importance, hence we are keeping the ratio small in the sea each time, ensuring ample attention and supervision.

Safe Diving is Fun Diving.  We are consist of a team of approachable and bubbly nature divers and would love to hear from you!

Diving Careers

KL Divers also offers Diving Careers for those who wants a change from the routine city life.
We are experienced and proficient in providing quality training to prepare you to becoming a Scuba Diving Professional.

Psst…. we will all be in Malaysia International Dive Exhibition (MIDE) this coming May 2018!
Remember our Guest Instructor Sammi?(Read more about her here: (https://kldivers.com/our-first-breathe-becoming-dive-professional/) She will be at MIDE to meet everybody as well.

So come and check out what we have for you, from Dive Courses, Dive Careers, Dive Equipment and Dive Holidays!
Who knows, you might be able to grab some of our hot deals lining up for you!

(Post written by KL Diver Team Member – Peiyu. The unforgettable memories of her taking The Mega Step – Her Open Water Course)

Peiyu in water



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