Our First Breathe – Scuba Conservation

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life.

As a Scuba Diver, we are granted privileged access to 70% of Mother Earth.
Everyone hopes to have an experience that is memorable like this:

Unfortunately, we are very often greeted by awful sightings like this:

Video: Divers Films Sea of Rubbish at Bali Famous Dive Site

(Credit: Rich Horner)

That’s not the worst, through irresponsible disposal, we are also harming marine life:
Video: Imagine yourself being trapped in trash..

(Video by: National Geographic)

And, to our worst nightmare, it has been proven by scientist and researchers that rubbish in the seas actually ends up in our digestive system through microscopic methods:

Video: Plastic in Our Food

(Video by: EarthFixMedia)

It is depressing to see such, however, since it is a problems caused by humans, it is a problem that can be solve by humans.
At KL Divers, we firmly believe that habits of daily living can be changed to improve the situation. Good Habits can also spread and influence people around us to change.

When we change our habits, we also can influence businesses to change their mode of operating.

At KL Divers we practice Reduce and Reuse on a daily basis.

Reducing usage would be the most effective method and we’ll talk about it today.

Effective Reducing Methods can be:

  • Taking public transport;
  • Dining in;
  • Carrying a water bottle;
  • Carrying a reusable shopping bag; 
  • Not using straws to drink 
  • Looking out for and support businesses that uses eco-friendly packaging like paper bags.

and the list can go on.

While it is definitely challenging to start, it becomes easy to uphold once it becomes a habit!

The trademark water bottle of KL Dive Crew – Nicholas

It is also definitely easy for us to change ourselves, it’s always harder to convince people around us about the change.

One of the biggest challenge we at KL Divers faced – to have no straws in our drinks.

It is a customer service habit. Service crew subconscious will put in a straw in our drinks as part of the service.
While many of us know we should bring our own reusable straws when we dine in, many times, we still get a straw in our drinks.

So we, KL Divers, like to ask help from everybody – Starting today, Add a “No Straw” request for your order.

No Straws Please!

YES! Sipping with our mouths is very eco-friendly, using reusable straws as well.

Experience tells us, during the first few attempts, straws will still appear in your drinks anyway. It’s fine, continue using the straws that is already in your drink.

But let’s remember – We can change our habits which in turn influence others to change theirs.

Let’s start off from ourselves. Experience has also told us, after numerous attempts, eateries we frequent often will actually remember such requests! Which prove our point that we can influence others to change.

Today, KL Divers need help from everybody. Challenge Yourself! Challenge Your Friends! Be proud! Share with Us if you remembered to Request “No Straw!”

Simply take a photo of your drinks, tag KL Divers and hashtag #StrawsTakMau and post it on Facebook!
Video: No Straw Challenge by Goodful

(Video by: Goodful)

With more and more people coming to make such requests, we will make a difference!
Let this difference be our commitment to help Mother Earth!!

We, at KL Divers, are looking forward to your support!


Helping Mother Earth with KL Divers-> tel: +60 18 768 6543 email: [email protected]

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