Our First Breathe – Scuba Courses – Becoming Dive Professional

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life, it’s like being given a Passport to travel into a new world.

For example:

Our Open Water Certificate is the passport to travel into the underwater world;
Nitrox is like the ‘visa’ to be using higher Oxygen mix;
The stamp on the dive log book is the proof of travel.

Unknown to many, the Dive Professional Certificate is the passport to a life changing career.

Guess everyone know Nicholas very well already. We’ll skip him this time.
However, let us introduce Sammi – KL Diver’s Guest Instructor from Taiwan!

Sammi was in a normal job, working on a normal routine, living a normal life.

After 6 years in her job, the inner calling of being under the sun or in the sea got stronger. So strong she decide to left her job in search of answers to her inner calling.

At that time, she was at a junction where she either move into surfing, or she becomes a Scuba Instructor. So, becoming a Scuba Instructor was her choice.

Since then, her life is only filled with sunshine, sea water, generous divers and friendly marine life.

Dive Instructor’s Office
Dive Instructor’s Colleagues.
Sammi In Maldives

Not only that, the job itself is an enrichment process where it immerse one into different cultures, making new friends and trying out now activities.
Here are some of the “stamps” on Sammi’s passport.

Wreck Diving
Sammi Parasailing with Joan
Drone Flying – One skill Sammi learnt
Sammi Taking Flight
Snorkelling with Mantas
Friends from Taiwan visits Maldives
(Guys on the other side look over..)

The above are just a glimpse of what she have went through. Still want to know more about Sammi? No problem!

Come by KL Divers Booth at MIDE 2018. Come speak to Sammi, she will gladly share stories of her exciting career change!

Like to create new stories like Sammi did?
Looking for a different career?

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