Many would have thought that scuba diving is about taking up generic courses.
However, KL Divers believed that you should specialise and do courses based on your interests.

For example:
Would you like to venture into underwater photo-videography to capture the moments?
Or would you like to GoPro?
Or was is the excitement of Technical diving that got your attention?
Or you simply like to make yourself a better diver to continue diving happy!?



Taking small steps at a time, you can choose your preferred diving journey and enjoy base on the areas that made you started scuba diving.

With that goal in mind, KL Divers offers a wide range of speciality course to help you achieve your goals. Check them out here!

Whilst on this journey, be recognised with your achievements with the SSI Diver’s recognition program.

SSI will issue you with a new digital certification upon meeting the requirements - free!
Check out the various requirements here.




Recreational Recognition

  • Specialty Diver Recognition

  • Advanced Open Water Diver Recognition

  • Master Diver Recognition

Recreational Recognition

  • Advanced Open Water Instructor

  • Divemaster Instructor

  • Master Instructor

In summary, just keep learning and diving based on your interests with KL Divers.
Let SSI’s diver recognition program will be your best proof of internationally recognised dive training certification.

Hesitate no more! Enrich your dive training with KL Divers now! Call +60 18 768 6543 for more information!



Rescue Diver (Diver Stress & Rescue) is learning to dive for the first time required to focus on another diver course, students will learn in this course how to assess the state of safety factors and divers dive sites,

Want to go beyond what you’ve learnt in Open Water? KL Divers offers a variety of SSI specialty courses ranging from increasing dive times with Enriched Air Nitrox Specialty, to expanding your options of places to dive with deep dives and wreck diving.
All Specialty Courses

Adventures Beyond Limits!

Take your diving to the next level. Dive a little deeper and a little further with our SSI Extended Range Courses.

Continue your dive education or start a whole new exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional!
SSI Dive Professional pathway offers myriad of opportunities to develop your skills and further your diving career, earning a living by doing what you really love anywhere around the world.

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