2018 Lunar New Year Offers

4th day of Lunar New Year. It symbolises the day of “Spring Opening”, which many business begins operating for the new year.

On this Auspicious Day, KL Divers presents to you  this limited time offer.


Details of promotion as follows:

SSI Scuba Courses –

SSI Open Water Diver (OWD) Course – rm1888

SSI Stress & Rescue (S&R) (w/o React Right Spec) rm1888

SSI Stress & Rescue (S&R) (w/React Right Spec) rm2168

SSI Advanced Adventurer (AA) – rm1888


Leisure Dive @Gem Island Boutique Resort:

2D1N – rm988

3D2N – rm1188

  • Refresher course needed? Do a Perfect Buoyancy Specialty before your trip at rm388 only. Get your refresher and proper buoyancy training done.


SSI Specialty Course (min 2 to form class)

Nitrox – rm388

Perfect Buoyancy – rm388

React Right – rm388 (Required for S&R)


Sign up for any 2 specialty course above for only rm688!

Sign up for all 3 specialty courses above for only rm988!

(Free SSI Specialty Diver Recognition with 2  SSI Specialty Course completion & proof of 12 logged dives)


Notes for Promotion:

Promotion Valid: Before 2nd March 2018 (15th day of Lunar New Year)

Course datelines: All trips & courses to be completed by 31st May 2018


Prerequisite for all Courses/Trips:

  • Able to swim 200m/Snorkel for 300m – for OWD
  • Able to float or tread for 10 mins without any swimming aids – for OWD
  • Be in good physical health, or certified by doctor to dive
  • Be at least 10 years of age or older
    • (12 years or older for deep dive for Advanced Adventurer)
  • React Right (1st Aid, CPR and AED training) for S&R
    • Valid proof of certification issued by other recognised agencies can be submitted as a prerequisite

Offers Includes:

  • Theory (online self learning and classroom review with instructor),
  • 1 session of pool training
  • 3D2N trip to Gem Island, triple room
  • Boat transfers
  • 4-5 boat/shore dives (Dives be plan based on weather, boat availability and other factors)
  • Full Scuba gears (BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, weights, belt, tank, mask, fins, snorkel)
  • Professional Instructing Fees
  • Digital Certifications


Offers Excludes:

  • Land transfers to Island
  • Dive & Travel Insurance – We recommend dive and travel Insurance by Dive Assure.
  • Gratuity for dive and boat crew
  • Physical certification card


Extras Top Ups (if required):

  • Land Transfer to Terengganu
    • Can be arranged if necessary
  • Dive & Travel Insurance by Dive Assure
  • Physical Certification Card – rm120
    • Go Green! Experiences tells us many dive cards are lost, or left at home during a dive trip.
    • SSI’s digital certification provides the convenient to keep all your dive certification records onto the SSI App. It is also easily retrievable from the SSI Web Database, which is a common practice by dive centres around the world.
  • Twin Room Upgrade – 500/room/night
  • Single room upgrade – 900/room/night

All courses: Minimum 2 to go. Good chance to get your friends to join you and know more people!

All open water dives for courses & leisure trips is conducted at Gem Island Boutique Resort.

SSI Perfect Buoyancy Course is being held at the swimming pool.

SSI Nitrox Course is classroom based theory lesson.

SSI React Right Course is 1st Aid, CPR & AED training, also completed the Classroom.

All Trip/Course bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance. Vacancies is on a first come first served basis.

50% deposit required upon signing up. Balance to be paid during booking (i.e. 2 weeks before travelling)

All deposits paid are not refundable.

Failure to complete your Course/Trip before 31st May 2018 will result in forfeiture of deposit.

Any special request granted by KL Diver’s Management Team during the promotional period is on a goodwill basis and should not reflected as The Company’s standard operating procedure.

All prices stated are denoted in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) unless specified.


Contact KL Divers for booking and more information!

Call: +60 18 768 6543

email: [email protected]

Facebook: facebook.com/kldivers


5 Reasons Why You Will Love This New Face At KL Divers!

KL Divers welcomes a new face – Nicholas Tan.

Nicholas will be taking over the operations of KL Divers with the assistance of his dive team.

Many will be curious, who is he? So let’s take a look at who he is:

Hmm,, seems to be having some problems here…

Lets see what can he do?


He can perform magic as long as enough mana!

Ok more importantly what can he do for you at KL Divers.


1 – Ensuring Safety & Fun Dive Training

Strict, patient, quick to adapt to individual. Nicholas ensures that his students learns Scuba Diving in a safe and fun environment. More importantly, he always magically turn strangers into friends. Be sure to find a dive buddy on trip with him.

Teaching AA at Anambas on board MV Nautica
Staying together with your Dive Buddy


2 – Ensuring Quality Dive Training

Secrets to good buoyancy: Proper breathing techniques, weighting and trim. Once achieved, good buoyancy will be a piece of cake.

You don’t need to be Dwayne Johnson; diving emphasises on techniques not loading on weights.

By equipping his students with good buoyancy control, it’ll be easy to capture good photos and memories of…. him during the dives……

While teaching OWD Course at Tioman Island.


3 – Ensuring quality food is available!

EAT-SLEEP-DIVE-REPEAT – pretty much what every diver is looking forward too.

Nicholas always source out good food for you. Ensuring the 1st most important factor fulfilled!

Very tasty food on board MV Nautica!


4- Ensure you do more than just scuba diving everytime!!

With precious minutes underwater and no-fly time, trust Nicholas – the kang tao king – ensuring memorable dive trips, always.

Show casing his abs while surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia


5 – Making sure every moment of a dive trip is fun!

Every dive trip is different. However there is always a person on every dive trip doing the same thing – adding fun, laughter and memories for the dive trip.

With his bubbly personality, fun loving nature, he is sure to add & create lots of memories for your dive log book everytime…

At KL Divers, we are also looking forward to him leading the team to forging more memorable moments!

The fun never end even after we left Redang Island.

Now, the most important question is, with a new member, what is happening at KL Divers?

This year we are going to continue providing quality dive course to everyone. You can check out our dive course packages for 2018 dive season!

On top of that, look out for exciting destinations KL Divers will be going later this year.

Entering the (Jack) Storm at Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia
Making friends with Whaleshark at South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Are you coming to hug me?
Selfie with Tiger Sharks at Fuvahmulah, Maldives.
Corals Planing at Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Not to forget, we will be bringing in new, stylish dive gears for our divers.

Last but not least, stay tuned for upcoming Chinese New Year promotions!

2018 will be an exciting year! KL Divers like you to join us on this exciting journey!



For more information on Dive Course, Trips and related services –
Contact KL Divers at +60 18 768 6543 or email [email protected] to book your dive





Why Lang Tengah is on Top our 2018 Dive List

Why Lang Tengah is on Top our 2018 Dive List

This tiny island wouldn’t be nicknamed as the Hidden Pearl of Malaysia for no good reason. Divers are going loco over it too, and we know the reasons why

Almost untouched body

Graced with green canopies of trees, cerulean waters crashing the stony shores, and only a few establishments, Lang Tengah is a great place for people who wants to enjoy both the thrill of scuba diving and the chill feels of nature. There are no fleeting tourists here so this island is the best place to relax or even conduct a yoga-scuba diving trip.

Why Lang Tengah is on Top our 2018 Dive List

Unadulterated underwater

What is more refreshing than a plunge into a clean and clear water? Unlike other dive sites, Lang Tengah’s shore, as well as its underwater is free of pollution and trash.

Why Lang Tengah is on Top our 2018 Dive List

Unmatched marine life

Lang Tengah’s underwater is teeming with excellent coral reef landscapes and is abundant with fish life and occasional sharks and stingrays. Green turtles and hawksbill turtles are also regularly seen around its waters. If you are into underwater photography and videography, Lang Tengah is your dive site!

Why Lang Tengah is on Top our 2018 Dive List

10 Scuba Slang Every Diver Should Know

10 Scuba Slang Every Diver Should Know

Legend tells us that the Inuit tribe had more than fifty words for different kinds of snow. Imagine that, over fifty? Scuba divers have just as much jargon for describing their dive missions. Here’s your scuba slang 101:

1. Aqualung

This is a high-pressure cylinder that contains breathing gas. It comes with a regulator to supply the gas at ambient pressure to the diver.

2. Bootie

This is a neoprene fashioned dive footwear typically worn under open-heel fins to insulate your feet, prevent abrasion and protect your feet during your dive. And yes, it is subject to every joke possible!

3. Buddy

This one is your diving mate whom you are responsible for and vice versa during your dive.

4. Divemaster

A professional-level scuba diver who has charted with a minimum of sixty dives and is qualified to assist dive instructors on dive boats and during accreditation courses.

5. Pool

This pertains to any body of water you’re about to dive in, whether it’s a gulf, lake or the Pacific Ocean.

6. Tech Diver Salute

This is a raised index finger signaling everything is in good form.

7. Purge

This is to take out the contents of something. For instance, draining any water from your regulator.

8. Viz/Visibility

This refers to the distance in how far you can see underwater clearly. It is typically measured in feet or meters.

9. Golden Triangle

This applies to the area between the chin and the nipples where it is the most accessible to store gear such as knives and regulators.

10. No fly time

The suggested time frame divers should wait between their last dive and boarding an airplane.

Communication is the key to scuba diving. Many times, scuba slang stands for the good and bad of the so-called scuba culture. The scuba terminology is still evolving as we speak and everyone is free to add a new jargon to its glossary pages.

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5 Reasons Why Tenggol is Every Scuba Diver’s Favorite Dive Site

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site

About 14 nautical miles off the coast of the quiet fishing town of Kuala Dungun, Malaysia lies the sleepy island of Tenggol. The spectacular island probably has all the reasons in the world why it’s on the list of favorite places of scuba divers but for the meantime, here are 5 excerpts why:

1. Tropical Climate for a Tropical dive

Malaysia is holding one of the diving gems of the world. The beautiful beach of Tenggol has the right temperature for rich eco-diversity and fun-filled activities. The average temperature can reach up to a warm 32°C to a cold 25°C during the night. The island offers the best diving experience during the months of March to October. In the time of the dry season, the visibility is at its finest reaching up to 20m.

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site

2. 20 Awesome Dive Spots

You read it right! Tenggol is a mother of 20 equally beautiful islands for every kind of divers to explore. From an impressive coral canvass encompassing almost the whole ocean floor, breathtaking rock walls and boulders, magnificent seascapes, sunken ships, and rocky terrains to rich micro and macro life. These spots will surely satisfy your hunger for adventure.

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site


3. Home to magical creatures – Underwater and Above

Tenggol hosts different kinds of creatures, the diving sites shelters Nudibranchs, Sea Turtles, Giant Double-headed Parrotfish, Yellow Fusiliers, and Trevallies. Each spot is endowed with coral gardens and vibrant marine life. Encounters with large pelagics, Whale Sharks, and Manta Rays can also be experienced by lucky divers at certain times but the most common are the Eagle Rays, Black-tipped Reef Sharks, and Large Barracudas. The creatures on the land including the Malaysian people are equally magnificent.

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site


4. “Detoxification” from the city

The island mirrors a tranquil paradise that will surely wipe away your never-ending agony, may it be physically or emotionally from your reoccurring urban responsibilities.  It was once hailed as the “Best Diving Site in Peninsula Malaysia” by the Asian Diver Magazine in 2002 and managed to preserve its whimsical beauty.

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site

5. Lovely sunset

The rustic vibe of the island will inspire you to just lay down and forget the hectic schedule of the urban life. Tenggol would let you to just relax, breathe, and think of nothing but the beauty that surrounds you. Do not forget to pack your camera and wait for the magical dawn to add to your photo collection. Before the day ends, a lovely sunset will welcome you to another unforgettable night of your life.

5 reasons why Tenggol is every scuba divers favorite dive site


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3 Facts About Scuba Diving in Tioman No One Told You About

3 Facts About Scuba Diving in Tioman No One Told You About

Tioman is known for its cinematic cerulean waters complimented by its stark white sandy beaches ornamented with the greens hanging from the rocky cliffs that surrounds it — totally worthy of your obsessively-compulsively-curated instagram feed — but there is more to Tioman than this gorgeous surface. What people don’t know is that it is also filled with adventures deep down it’s almost glass-like waters.

1. Great for Advanced Scuba Divers

If you want to add excitement and thrill to your scuba diving escapades, you should definitely book that Tioman scuba diving getaway. Its grotesque, but gorgeous sea floor architecture adds up to the challenge during your dives making it perfect for advanced scuba divers.

3 Facts About Scuba Diving in Tioman No One Told You About

2. Macro Photography Diving

Not only is Tioman known for its white, sandy beaches and pristine blue waters. It is also mesmerising deep down. Tioman’s underwater is filled with unique and intricately designed (by nature) coral reef structures. It is also teeming with different species of fish and other marine critters. Famous sighting are the angelfish, harlequin sweetlips and clownfish. If you are a macro photographer and you want your photos to burst with colors, you should definitely dive Tioman!

3 Facts About Scuba Diving in Tioman No One Told You About

3. Perfect for Drift Diving

Surrounded with towering cliffs, cascading waterfalls, and the twin rocky peaks of Gunung Nenek Semukut, Tioman is already an ultimate adrenaline extravaganza, but the thrill you will find above the ground is no match to the excitement the underwater will greet you with.

3 Facts About Scuba Diving in Tioman No One Told You About

Ready to book that adrenaline-packed Tioman diving trip now?


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3 Bali Wreck Sites to Dive Next

3 Bali Wreck Sites to Dive Next

Thinking about wreck diving on your next visit to Bali? You better check these three famous wreck dive sites ASAP. Believe me, they are totally worth it!

1. USS Liberty Wreck scuba diving

This more or less 75-year-old United States army cargo ship is probably the most famous shipwreck that can be found in Bali. Not only it is teeming with ghastly stories that will spice up your scuba diving escapade, it is also packed with colorful marine creatures. The reef build-up on its body is also awesome. The USS Liberty wreck is definitely a must see dive site when scuba diving in Bali.


2. Kubu Wreck scuba diving

If scary tales are your jam, then scuba diving into the Kubu wreck is the perfect diving trip for you. Locals have rumors of ghost-sightings in this Dutch-built, decommissioned government patrol boat! Apart from that, tempting school of fish are lurks around the dive site. Sharks, Bumphead Parrotfish and Barracudas are also a common sightings in Kubu Wreck.


3. Japanese Shipwreck in Amed scuba diving

The Japanese Shipwreck! This dive site has magnificent coral reef formation and an overabundance of marine life. It is located just off the beach of Lipah Bay in Banyuning village. If you want a splash of color to your scuba diving, the Japanese Shipwreck in Amed is the perfect place to go.


Don’t forget to pack smart and light. Plan out what dive equipments to bring or just rent. The wrecks are waiting to be explored by you!


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3 Signs to Tell If You Have Perfected Your Buoyancy Control

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Mastering the art of buoyancy control is the most important skill of a diver. It improves your diving experience and maximises your time throughout your trip. Here are 3 signs to tell if you have perfected your buoyancy control already:

Freedom of movement during the dive

Navigating underwater effortlessly is one of the benefits of divers who mastered the buoyancy control. With buoyancy control specialty course, you will achieve the feeling of flying underwater and gliding smoothly through the water. Divers who master this skill will be able to move freely through the waters and control their body position as they swim underwater. This may seem difficult at first but gaining this expertise will help you strategise underwater and be natural as you go deeper.

Additionally, learning the buoyancy by heart can also be a benefit to recreational divers. Underwater photography acquires practice on buoyancy to be able to get the perfect shot because it gets tricky as you swim through the waters.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Sustained breathing consumption

As you control your buoyancy, you will also learn to control your breathing which is also vital for every diver. Perfect buoyancy teaches you the proper breathing consumption that will allow you for longer dives. If you plan on deeper dive adventure or wreck diving, mastering the buoyancy control will help you regulate your breathing.

Perfecting your buoyancy can lessen your time fiddling with your inflator. With the mastery of this skill, you were able to minimize the use of your buoyancy compensator device that could extend your diving experience. Great buoyancy relaxes you underwater and will slow and steady your respiration rate.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Safe and cautious dive

Learning the perfect buoyancy is the most significant reason. Diving has risks but we can minimise these through learning the safe diving practices. Benefits of perfect buoyancy are not just for divers but also for the underwater environment and living sea creatures. The Marine Ecology Course will provide you an understanding of the complex and exciting study of the marine ecosystems.

Having a full grasp of the buoyancy control will keep you safe into the depths of underwater and you will be able to enjoy your diving trip. Learning the right techniques and skills will lessen the dangers and complications that may arise during your dive. With proper buoyancy, you will be able to avoid the destruction you may cause to corals and prevents you from any physical harm.

3 Advantages of Divers Who Perfected Buoyancy Control

Taking this diving course is highly recommended as it will give you the benefits as a diver. It promotes safe diving which is the main reason of this course. This will also steady your pace underwater and you will be able to enjoy more your diving trip. Widen your knowledge about diving and be ready for your next dive!


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Diving Skills Upgrade: 7 Specialty Courses You Should Take

Diving Skills Upgrade: 7 Specialty Courses You Should Take

You are legally a diver! Now there are tons of things you can do for sure: volunteer for environmental groups or non-government organizations, or take more dive trips. But if you are really serious in the art of diving, one thing you will want to consider is expanding your diving education. Here are SSI specialty courses to take that will definitely level up your diving prowess.

1.Enriched Air Nitrox Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to safely dive using enriched air mixtures of 32% or 40% oxygen.

2.Shark Ecology Course

Learn how nature’s most feared predator is actually a beautiful animal that deserves our respect and protection.

3.Coral Identification Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common families of coral species, and explains their role in the ocean’s ecosystems.

4.Fish Identification Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognize and identify common families of Caribbean, Indo-Pacific, and Red Sea reef fish.

5.Sea Turtle Ecology Course

This program teaches the skills and concepts required to recognise and identify common species of sea turtles, and explains their role in the ocean’s ecosystems.

6.Marine Ecology Course

This program provides a general understanding of the complex and exciting study of marine ecosystems.

7.Perfect Buoyancy Course

This program teaches you the skills and concepts required to improve your diving position, increase your buoyancy control, and minimize your breathing gas consumption rate.

Diving is not only a sport or a hobby. It is also a meaningful art. Taking up these specialty courses will surely awaken you and add purpose to your every dive. Check out more of our other courses!


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