KL Divers Team is form up by a group of like minded, happy and VERY SERIOUS people.

About KL Divers.
KL Divers is started by a group of energetic, passionate Dive Professionals.
They are committed to bringing you quality dive courses, equipment and wonder dive experiences around the world.

Here they are!


Who is he?

  • Well known for his nagging, he have crossed path with over 500 students. He never fail to nag at them to improve and correct themselves. He envision to train every diver to love the environment more. He is also clear that there is no perfection. Every skill every habit can be improved. Therefore, he consistently seek to improve himself and his naggings so he can share his love with everyone.
  • Holds: SSI and PADI instructor qualifications
  • Well known for: Nag Nag Nag, Eat, Sleep, Dive, Drink and Sleep again, going new places.
  • Explored: Many popular sites of East and West Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Maldives.
  • Planning to Explore: The ULU part of Indonesia, more of Taiwan, East Malaysia for the next 2-3 years. Hawaii, Caribbean region, Red Sea and many places to keep everyone busy.
  • Aspired to: Groom more Dive Professionals, Share more conservation habits, go more places, nag more people.
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