5 Reasons Why You Will Love This New Face At KL Divers!

KL Divers welcomes a new face – Nicholas Tan.

Nicholas will be taking over the operations of KL Divers with the assistance of his dive team.

Many will be curious, who is he? So let’s take a look at who he is:

Hmm,, seems to be having some problems here…

Lets see what can he do?


He can perform magic as long as enough mana!

Ok more importantly what can he do for you at KL Divers.


1 – Ensuring Safety & Fun Dive Training

Strict, patient, quick to adapt to individual. Nicholas ensures that his students learns Scuba Diving in a safe and fun environment. More importantly, he always magically turn strangers into friends. Be sure to find a dive buddy on trip with him.

Teaching AA at Anambas on board MV Nautica
Staying together with your Dive Buddy


2 – Ensuring Quality Dive Training

Secrets to good buoyancy: Proper breathing techniques, weighting and trim. Once achieved, good buoyancy will be a piece of cake.

You don’t need to be Dwayne Johnson; diving emphasises on techniques not loading on weights.

By equipping his students with good buoyancy control, it’ll be easy to capture good photos and memories of…. him during the dives……

While teaching OWD Course at Tioman Island.


3 – Ensuring quality food is available!

EAT-SLEEP-DIVE-REPEAT – pretty much what every diver is looking forward too.

Nicholas always source out good food for you. Ensuring the 1st most important factor fulfilled!

Very tasty food on board MV Nautica!


4- Ensure you do more than just scuba diving everytime!!

With precious minutes underwater and no-fly time, trust Nicholas – the kang tao king – ensuring memorable dive trips, always.

Show casing his abs while surfing at Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia


5 – Making sure every moment of a dive trip is fun!

Every dive trip is different. However there is always a person on every dive trip doing the same thing – adding fun, laughter and memories for the dive trip.

With his bubbly personality, fun loving nature, he is sure to add & create lots of memories for your dive log book everytime…

At KL Divers, we are also looking forward to him leading the team to forging more memorable moments!

The fun never end even after we left Redang Island.

Now, the most important question is, with a new member, what is happening at KL Divers?

This year we are going to continue providing quality dive course to everyone. You can check out our dive course packages for 2018 dive season!

On top of that, look out for exciting destinations KL Divers will be going later this year.

Entering the (Jack) Storm at Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia
Making friends with Whaleshark at South Ari Atoll, Maldives
Are you coming to hug me?
Selfie with Tiger Sharks at Fuvahmulah, Maldives.
Corals Planing at Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

Not to forget, we will be bringing in new, stylish dive gears for our divers.

Last but not least, stay tuned for upcoming Chinese New Year promotions!

2018 will be an exciting year! KL Divers like you to join us on this exciting journey!



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