3 Scuba Diving Courses All Paranormal Freaks Would Surely Enjoy

All scuba divers who are also self-proclaimed paranormal freaks, unite! Add extra thrill (and goosebumps) to your diving escapades through these diving specialty courses! The only question is, are you really brave enough to take them? Well, if yes, you are in for a post-halloween diving (scare) treat!

3 Scuba Diving Courses All Paranormal Freaks Would Surely Enjoy

Night and Limited Visibility Specialty Course

Instead of cringing in fear, darkness excites you. It gives you this inexplicable thrill. You are not terrified to dive into the deep dark at all. You know that in the darkness there is so much beauty like the glow-in-the-dark and nocturnal critters that can only be seen by the privileged (and the brave) few. Night and Limited Visibility specialty diving course will introduce you to a world of luminosity and vivid colors that no one who is afraid to plunge into the black waters (guided only by the light of the moon — plus a dive torch and dive knife) will ever witness. This specialty course will teach you how to navigate, handle light properly and communicate right underwater during the night. It is also a plus if you have taken Perfect Buoyancy specialty course before taking Night and Limited Visibility diving course!


3 Scuba Diving Courses All Paranormal Freaks Would Surely Enjoy

Deep Diving Specialty Course

You like decoding secrets. And one of those is what really lies in the deepest parts of the ocean. “Are there really beasts in the Mariana Trench? What if Atlantis is real?” These are questions you ask yourself. In your daydreams, you are an explorer of the deep scavenging undiscovered artifacts and fossils. Well, you can be what you want to be through this specialty course. Deep Diving Specialty Course will equip you with the right skills and guide you to the unfamiliar depths and bizarre nooks underwater. Expertise with the Enriched Nitrox specialty course is a huge help when you take deep diving. Powerful diving fins and and a trustworthy dive computer is also a must-have when diving in this such depths.

3 Scuba Diving Courses All Paranormal Freaks Would Surely Enjoy

Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course

You are a seeker by heart. You love everything about discovery. (In fact you are a freak for Discovery Channel.) You like treasure-hunting (and dead-body-hunting) so much it electrifies you. Even searching for your dive buddy’s lost weight belt gives you adrenaline rush. It revs you up when you have to find something in the deep, strange depths. So then, here is your dream come true: Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Course. This specialty course will equip you with the skills to employ different search patterns to plan search and rescue dives as a team. You will also learn how to use lift bags to recover heavy objects safely and securely to the surface.

Ready to take one (or all) of these specialty courses? Then this is our question: are you really brave enough to take them?

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