3 Bali Wreck Sites to Dive Next

Thinking about wreck diving on your next visit to Bali? You better check these three famous wreck dive sites ASAP. Believe me, they are totally worth it!

1. USS Liberty Wreck scuba diving

This more or less 75-year-old United States army cargo ship is probably the most famous shipwreck that can be found in Bali. Not only it is teeming with ghastly stories that will spice up your scuba diving escapade, it is also packed with colorful marine creatures. The reef build-up on its body is also awesome. The USS Liberty wreck is definitely a must see dive site when scuba diving in Bali.


2. Kubu Wreck scuba diving

If scary tales are your jam, then scuba diving into the Kubu wreck is the perfect diving trip for you. Locals have rumors of ghost-sightings in this Dutch-built, decommissioned government patrol boat! Apart from that, tempting school of fish are lurks around the dive site. Sharks, Bumphead Parrotfish and Barracudas are also a common sightings in Kubu Wreck.


3. Japanese Shipwreck in Amed scuba diving

The Japanese Shipwreck! This dive site has magnificent coral reef formation and an overabundance of marine life. It is located just off the beach of Lipah Bay in Banyuning village. If you want a splash of color to your scuba diving, the Japanese Shipwreck in Amed is the perfect place to go.


Don’t forget to pack smart and light. Plan out what dive equipments to bring or just rent. The wrecks are waiting to be explored by you!


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