Our First Breathe – Scuba Courses – Becoming Dive Professional

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life, it’s like being given a Passport to travel into a new world.

For example:

Our Open Water Certificate is the passport to travel into the underwater world;
Nitrox is like the ‘visa’ to be using higher Oxygen mix;
The stamp on the dive log book is the proof of travel.

Unknown to many, the Dive Professional Certificate is the passport to a life changing career.

Guess everyone know Nicholas very well already. We’ll skip him this time.
However, let us introduce Sammi – KL Diver’s Guest Instructor from Taiwan!

Sammi was in a normal job, working on a normal routine, living a normal life.

After 6 years in her job, the inner calling of being under the sun or in the sea got stronger. So strong she decide to left her job in search of answers to her inner calling.

At that time, she was at a junction where she either move into surfing, or she becomes a Scuba Instructor. So, becoming a Scuba Instructor was her choice.

Since then, her life is only filled with sunshine, sea water, generous divers and friendly marine life.

Dive Instructor’s Office
Dive Instructor’s Colleagues.
Sammi In Maldives

Not only that, the job itself is an enrichment process where it immerse one into different cultures, making new friends and trying out now activities.
Here are some of the “stamps” on Sammi’s passport.

Wreck Diving
Sammi Parasailing with Joan
Drone Flying – One skill Sammi learnt
Sammi Taking Flight
Snorkelling with Mantas
Friends from Taiwan visits Maldives
(Guys on the other side look over..)

The above are just a glimpse of what she have went through. Still want to know more about Sammi? No problem!

Come by KL Divers Booth at MIDE 2018. Come speak to Sammi, she will gladly share stories of her exciting career change!

Like to create new stories like Sammi did?
Looking for a different career?

Contact KL Divers for a career consultation today!
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Our First Breathe – Scuba Equipment – On Our Skin

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life. During this reborn, one of the most “common injury” we get – Sun Burnt.

To prevent that, a tube of sun screen is a common gear everyone put in their dive bag now.
Unknown to many, the tube of sun screen can became a killer of reefs and marine life.

It has been proven that one of the most common ingredient in Sun Screens – Oxybenzone, is capable of killing corals. While Oxybenzone is an active ingredient that helps in blocking off UV Ray, it is proven that sun screen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will work effectively as well.

Therefore, consumers have been more conscious about choosing their sun screen, ensuring that the environmentally harmful ingredients are not used in the product.

This change in consumer demand have pushed manufacturers into making eco-friendly sun screens. Safe Sea is one of them.
With biodegradable ingredients and uniquely, jellyfish protection, Safe Sea has become a popular option among scuba divers as a sun block.

What is Jellyfish Protection? So how does safe sea works?  Here is how it works:

In short, while having biodegradable sun protection, Safe Sea can also reduce the impact of meeting the jellyfish underwater.

With this information, KL Divers hope it can help you with choosing environmentally sun screens.

Of course, if you like to purchase Safe Sea, Safe Sea products are in stores now!

Contact KL Divers +60 18 768 6543 for get your sun protection today!

Our First Breathe – Scuba Conservation

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life.

As a Scuba Diver, we are granted privileged access to 70% of Mother Earth.
Everyone hopes to have an experience that is memorable like this:

Unfortunately, we are very often greeted by awful sightings like this:

Video: Divers Films Sea of Rubbish at Bali Famous Dive Site

(Credit: Rich Horner)

That’s not the worst, through irresponsible disposal, we are also harming marine life:
Video: Imagine yourself being trapped in trash..

(Video by: National Geographic)

And, to our worst nightmare, it has been proven by scientist and researchers that rubbish in the seas actually ends up in our digestive system through microscopic methods:

Video: Plastic in Our Food

(Video by: EarthFixMedia)

It is depressing to see such, however, since it is a problems caused by humans, it is a problem that can be solve by humans.
At KL Divers, we firmly believe that habits of daily living can be changed to improve the situation. Good Habits can also spread and influence people around us to change.

When we change our habits, we also can influence businesses to change their mode of operating.

At KL Divers we practice Reduce and Reuse on a daily basis.

Reducing usage would be the most effective method and we’ll talk about it today.

Effective Reducing Methods can be:

  • Taking public transport;
  • Dining in;
  • Carrying a water bottle;
  • Carrying a reusable shopping bag; 
  • Not using straws to drink 
  • Looking out for and support businesses that uses eco-friendly packaging like paper bags.

and the list can go on.

While it is definitely challenging to start, it becomes easy to uphold once it becomes a habit!

The trademark water bottle of KL Dive Crew – Nicholas

It is also definitely easy for us to change ourselves, it’s always harder to convince people around us about the change.

One of the biggest challenge we at KL Divers faced – to have no straws in our drinks.

It is a customer service habit. Service crew subconscious will put in a straw in our drinks as part of the service.
While many of us know we should bring our own reusable straws when we dine in, many times, we still get a straw in our drinks.

So we, KL Divers, like to ask help from everybody – Starting today, Add a “No Straw” request for your order.

No Straws Please!

YES! Sipping with our mouths is very eco-friendly, using reusable straws as well.

Experience tells us, during the first few attempts, straws will still appear in your drinks anyway. It’s fine, continue using the straws that is already in your drink.

But let’s remember – We can change our habits which in turn influence others to change theirs.

Let’s start off from ourselves. Experience has also told us, after numerous attempts, eateries we frequent often will actually remember such requests! Which prove our point that we can influence others to change.

Today, KL Divers need help from everybody. Challenge Yourself! Challenge Your Friends! Be proud! Share with Us if you remembered to Request “No Straw!”

Simply take a photo of your drinks, tag KL Divers and hashtag #StrawsTakMau and post it on Facebook!
Video: No Straw Challenge by Goodful

(Video by: Goodful)

With more and more people coming to make such requests, we will make a difference!
Let this difference be our commitment to help Mother Earth!!

We, at KL Divers, are looking forward to your support!


Helping Mother Earth with KL Divers-> tel: +60 18 768 6543 email: [email protected]

Our First Breathe – Scuba Course – Reacting Right

Our first breathe underwater is like being reborn into a new life.

The thrill of excitement, the adrenaline rush and the memories captured belongs to you and your dive mates alone.

We at KL Divers can’t empharsize enough–> Buoyancy buoyancy buoyancy! The most important skill for divers across all levels. We shared on SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty previously and it received an overwhelming response to join us in this course

At KL Divers, we believed that we should train people around us with skills that are, practical, useful and fun!

Unconscious Person   

Unconscious Person Spotted!


Pulse available? (Yes) Any breathing? (Snoreeeeeee)
Phew that’s really lucky..

Imagine how much panic seeing an unconscious person will result, lest in an environment where you can’t shout for help or dial the emergency numbers from the mobile.

This situation will be handled differently for someone who is trained to do so. As such, KL divers would like to brought forth SSI React Right Specialty Course.

So what exactly is SSI React Right Specialty Course??

It is a medical emergency handling program consisting of Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques and Automated External Defibrilation (AED) Basics.


There are similarities to the First Aid courses offered by St John Ambulance or Red Crescent here in Malaysia. Although not the main certifying body here in Malaysia, The SSI React Right certification is being recognised worldwide.

What’s most important are skills and knowledge being taught during the course! Being a program cater for scuba diving, Emergency Oxygen techniques and knowledge are also taught during the course. This is what makes the difference from the usual commercial courses – since emergency oxygen is usually not available publicly.


Most importantly, having the individual participant equipped with the right skillset and knowledge will come in handy at critical moments.

Fortunately, Nicholas, who is our Instructor at KL Divers, comes with real working experiences in the Medical Centre. From assisting doctors in emergency surgeries, to patching up blood and bones, he sure have the knowledge, skill and stories from real action.

Being equipped with the right skills and knowledge to take action is important during times in need. As a React Right Instructor, the fulfilment of having your victims coming back to take up the React Right course because they had been in the receiving situation before, they know is important, they know they can make a difference to someone else when time comes.

So get yourself started now! Contact KL Divers to sign up for your React Right Speciality Courses today!
Course fees from rm399 onwards.
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Our First Breathe – Scuba Courses

Diving Skills Upgrade: 7 Specialty Courses You Should Take

KL divers would like to thank all of you for your overwhelming response to SSI Perfect Buoyancy Course!

For those who missed it, fret not! Click here: <<Watch Video here! >>

This video has demonstrated 2 of the most fundamental and important part of diving
1) Buoyancy Control – the key to staying in control and enjoying your dives.
2) Breathing & finning – ties hand in hand with buoyancy control, allowing you to move with effectively and efficiently like a fish so they will make friends with you..

Why we need good buoyancy control?

So that the photos we take will not be shaky;

So that we want don’t want to end our dives prematurely because of bad air consumption;

So that we are have better confident level for our dives;

So that we can get closer to marine life without scaring them away;

So that we can maximise every dive trip and dive course – because buoyancy is everything;

So that we can pose for a photo like this > 


Despite being the most fundamental and crucial skill, it has very often been paid insufficient attention to. Especially after the Open Water Course where divers pay a lot of attention to basic skills, many divers felt the lacking in proficiency for buoyancy control.

KL Divers would like to deliver SSI Perfect Buoyancy Specialty Course with convenience for busy people like you!

Why the pool?

Training in pool is not easier as many would thought. But it allows better focus on getting the right technique while building awareness of your kicks, breathe and posture.
1- Its a time saver, since it can be learnt in a swimming pool

2- KL Divers is committed to the safety of all our divers. The pool will allow you to focus on getting it right in a controlled environment

3- Shallow water training is more challenging. Indeed, many experience involuntary floating to surface during safety stop, which is dangerous with speedboat roaming. In the pool, skills are sharpened with controlled depth without compromising on safety.

With the above being said, the course is being designed with proper framework and the certification is being internationally recognised.

What do we cover during the course:

1 – Breathing Techniques. Breathe…… properly… So you can maximise your dive time. Suck, Blow, Suck, Blow needs lots of practicing.

2 – Finning Techniques & Movements. Like to make friends with the fishes for a photo? First behave like a fish…

3 – Weights & Trim adjustments. “I cannot descend!! I need more weights” – This sentence is not true! Let’s learn how to descend with minimum weights or, no weights!

4 – Equipment Familiarisation. Ever wonder how many senses are involved whenever you like to reach for your equipment? You can find out here. =)

Why choose KL Divers?

1- We are good problem solvers. We recognise that humans are individuals made differently, hence we provide suggestions to solve your individual problem; be it mask clearing, floating to surface etc…

2- We are good observers. While its not rocket science on how to dive properly, it is our job to share with you on how to sharpen your skills in diving.

3- We are good supervisors. Practice makes perfect, this is only true if you are practising the right thing and building into your muscle memories. Otherwise, old habits will be hard to eliminate.

4- We are good tutors. Heard of Scuba Diving homework? Yes we have some secret recipe for our divers. These secrets can be done anytime, anywhere and it act as reminders even after the course.

Finally – We are Safe & Fun!! That’s why we dive and that’s why we are here to share this passion with you!

Hope the above have explained why it is recommended to do the Perfect Buoyancy Course with KL Divers.
If you like to Dive with KL Divers, contact +60 18 768 6543 or email your enquiry to [email protected]

Getting close for a photo at Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia
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